Basic Skills Workshop at Dutch

7-10-12 Basic Skills Workshop

Meeting up at Dutch Springs in the parking lot myself and three students went over our dive objectives of the day. We were all going to drill basic skills like buoyancy, trim, underwater navigation, SMB deployment and team building.

Before splashing we all got in the water fully kitted up without weights to find out exactly how much weight we all really needed. Most divers never take the time to actually figure out our weighting needs. It might seem like it takes a long time to figure out but when we spend 50 dives playing or struggling with weighting issues, the 10-15 minutes it takes to really get it down the first time is worth every second.

1st dive was down to the platform for some trim work and then continuing down to the school bus at 50ft. The thermoclines at Dutch always amaze me. 82 degrees at the surface and a warm 61 at 50ft. This will be the last time I forget to wear a hood.

Throughout the dive, I was taking pictures and video to be able to show my students what they actually looked like in the water. Just being able to get that physical feedback from a dive is so important to improving trim and other issues like gear storage.

SMB deployments and a couple of ascents for good measure, we ate lunch, discussed the plans for the 2nd dive.

Well, we had a plan for the 2nd dive but a stuck low pressure inflator valve kept us from acting it out. Oh well, we will dive another day. All the students did really well and hopefully learned at least one thing new or reinforced an old concept they already learned.