What is there to see?

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On August 18, 2015
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Marine life of Long island!

What is there to see?

We get this question all the time at Good Life Divers. In fact, It’s the number one most frequently asked question (I have no supporting documentation to verify that claim).

I presume most folks that ask that question have never dove on Long Island and are a bit timid to put their heads into our “Murky” green water. Truth be told, our water here on the Island is clean, and relatively warm. If it wasn’t for algae and plankton our water would be crystal clear like that of Maine and Canada, at least during the winter and spring months. During the warmer months we have algae blooms that diminished the visibility greatly.

Good visibility can still be found here on the Island even during the warmest of months and sometimes especially the south shore beaches visibility can reach in excess of 40 feet!

But what about sea life? Is it all rocks and spider crabs? Well, sometimes yes, that might be all we see on a dive but that doesn’t mean there isn’t sea life in the area. We just didn’t get lucky enough to spot them.

A common mistake with divers in our waters is that the swim too fast and too far, missing most of the good stuff. The same can easily be said for divers visiting an expansive reef to, but with our limited visibility and limited underwater structures (especially along the shores) mean that most life is concentrated in small area and you may have to look very closely to see anything at all.

Here is the proof that there is sea life on Long Island, some photos were taken during shore dives and others off shore on wrecks.

Black Fish at Shinnecock inlet


Fluke at Shinnecock inlet


Flounder at Ponquogue Bridge


Sunfish (Mola Mola) Above the Seawolf

Holy Mola-1

Holy Mola-2

Yummy Yummy Lobster


Octopus at Oak Beach


Butterfly fish at Beach 8th street


Harbor Seal at Ponquogue Bridge

Ironman in the water

Nudibranchs on the Panty Wreck

Nudibranchs  - HD 1080p-1

Nudibranchs  - HD 1080p

Lined Seahorse at Oak Beach

Seahorse 7

Seahorse 1

Northern Puffer fish at Oak beach


Marine life of Long island!