Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Good Life Divers

Where is your shop? Good Life Divers is located in Oyster Bay, NY but we can really be anywhere since our operation is so small. We don’t pressure students to buy gear or force you into the gear I like, we don’t like being treated that way and we don’t treat our customers that way and we don’t recommend other shops that treat their customers that way.

Where is your pool?  We don’t own or operate our own pool. We rent, borrow and share pools with individuals and a few dive shops that we truly like that are scattered around Long Island. We try our hardest to get you into a pool that is as close as possible to you but like anything in life it’s all based on availability and everyone’s schedule. What we can guarantee is that the pool will be safe and clean.

What is your schedule? Check it out here.

We try to be as accommodating as possible, and will try our absolute hardest to work with YOUR schedule. You can only do certain days of the week? No worries. Going away on vacation and need your dives done before you go? No worries. Just contact us to work out the details.

Where do you dive? I try to be as diverse as possible when it comes to picking dive sites for students. Depending on the class and depth requirements and tides we could end up diving some spots on the South Shore, North Shore, Suffolk and Nassau. Boat dives and Dutch Springs trips are also available.

Are you a PADI shop? I am a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer as well as a SDI specialty instructor, Technical diving instructor. Our certification courses come be completed though PADI, SDI, TDI, ERDI and IANTD. For most courses, you can pick which certification you want to receive.

How do I schedule my class? That’s easy. Just give us a call and let us know what dates generally work for you and we will get a custom schedule to you as quickly as possible. A date isn’t considered set in stone until a deposit or the full course price is paid though. Once a deposit/full course price is paid then the dates we set up are yours and are now subject to our cancellation policy below.

What is your cancellation policy? Life happens sometimes, plans change and priorities can change in an instant. I get it. Only thing is, I need at least 24 hours notice that you can’t make a class like anyone else you would make an appointment with. Barring any major life altering event or catastrophe a cancellation within a 24 hour period is going to incur a $50 fee and must be paid prior to getting back on our schedule.


Questions about the Open water Diver Course

What is the Open Water diver course? The Open Water Diver Course is your basic certification needed in order to dive independent of an instructor. It’s the first step in your diving career.

What is required to do it? The course consists of 2-3 pool sessions that run about 3- 4 hours each, where you learn the skills needed in order to get certified. After academic work has been completed online, we go out into Open water and complete 4 checkout dives over 2 days.

Can anyone dive? Just about anyone can, but it is a sport and does require carrying gear and walking. Honestly I try to be as energy-efficient as possible when it comes to physical activity but some physical activity is impossible to avoid while diving.

I am short… fat… skinny… a gorilla can I dive? Yes. Contrary to popular belief, Scuba diving can be enjoyed by a vast array of different people. You do not need to be a NAVY SEAL in order to Scuba dive. Good Life Divers does not offer training for Gorilla’s though.

How long does the class take? The course takes 3-4 days to complete. 2 – 3 pool sessions and 2 open water days.

How many pool sessions are there? There are 2 – 3 depending on you. The entire course is performance based, meaning some students need more than 3 pool sessions while others have it down in 2 and I will work with you until we get it right.

What do I need to buy for the course? The course fee includes the instruction, pool dives and Open water Dives. E-learning is purchased separate from the course fee.  You need to purchase or have your own mask, fins with booties and snorkel. I highly recommended purchasing your own wetsuit (Divers pee in their wetsuits, and it becomes a super personal item when you consider that) also but it is not required.

What do I need to rent? Equipment use is included for your pool session. For Open Water dives there is a Rental fee of $65 a day and it includes everything you would need for the dives including a wetsuit.

Do I need to buy my own wetsuit? It is highly recommended you do but not required. Like I said above, divers pee in their wetsuits. That’s enough for me to want my own.

Do I need to buy my own dive computer? Nope. A computer is included in your rentals for Open Water.

How much does the mask, fins, snorkel and booties cost? This one depends on you and how much you would like to spend. I don’t recommend buying your equipment prior to us meeting and getting you fitted for everything. Please do not buy the US divers snorkelers set on amazon. It is not meant for Scuba diving and won’t work. I don’t like seeing people waste money when they don’t have to. Get the right gear the first time.

I already finished my E-learning before, can I just do the pool and Open water dives with you? Yes, as long as it is within a year of you starting the E-learning.

Can we do weekend classes? Sure.

Where do we do Open water dives? I like doing checkout dives from the beaches of Long Island. North and south shore sites in both Nassau and Suffolk. I don’t make my students drive to Dutch Springs for Open Water dives, unless you really really really want to.

Questions about the Open Water dives

Can the dives be done during the week? Sure.

Where are we going? Depends on the tide and currents. I try to pick the most convenient spot I can.

What do I need to bring to the beach? You will need to bring a towel, bathing suit, your personal gear and Logbook. Bring a smile and be ready to have some fun too.

What is included in the Rentals? BCD, Regulators, weights, tanks, computer, wetsuit. We do not have hood and gloves available to rent.

Do I have to return the rental equipment by a certain time? Nope. I bring it with me and I take it with me. You will never be charged an extra fee for not bringing it back. I take care of it all. You don’t even have to wash the gear, lucky you.

What is the rental fee? The rental fee is $65 a day.

Will a shark eat me? Legally I cannot guarantee your safety, as there are inherit risks with scuba diving. But I can safely assume that a shark will probably not eat you. (Claim subject to change)

It’s windy… rainy… sunny… hot… cold, do we still dive? I hate cancelling dives as much as the next guy, but sometimes it happens. Thunder and lightning are a sure sign that the dive is cancelled but we will have to wait and see with wind and rain.

I have to be there at what time!? Don’t be mad at me; blame the sun and moon for making the tides at that time.

Do I have to go to Dutch springs? Nope. Diving on Long island can be tons of fun and you should really try to experience it. It’s not out of the question to go dive Dutch for checkout dives and all and I’ll leave it up to you when we figure out where we are with classes.

Don’t hesitate to call or email me if you have any other questions.