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Take your diving to the next level. Enroll in the Advanced Open Water Diver course.

In order to really prepare our divers for the more challenging conditions they may face here in the Northeast, we have decided here at Good Life Divers to revamp the way we teach our Advanced Open Water Class.

Before you had a choice of 3 distinct dive plus your Deep and navigation dive. Most students chose the same three dives. Peak performance buoyancy, Search and recovery and Wreck. This usually produced a good class but we always felt there was some information and skills missing that all “Advanced” divers should know.

From now on, our AOW class will Include 1 day of classroom (Nitrox Training, equipment workshop), 2 days at the beach (Navigation) and a day at either Dutch Springs or a Wreck boat for our Deep dive.

Included in the course is the Nitrox Certification. Also, Primary Reel use, Pony bottles, Lights, Fin kicks and SMB deployment will all be covered and drilled in our AOW course.

Since we have changed over our rental fleet to include backplates and wings and Long hoses, equipment orientations will be available to all divers not familiar with the KISS/Hogarthian gear Philosophy.

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