Danny Sidemount Grand Cayman

Sidemount diving has been around since UK cave divers needed to push further back into cave systems. It has been steadily gaining popularity here in the US since the 70’s. Originally only used by cave divers doing extreme exploration, lately sidemount diving has become the gear configuration of choice for many recreational divers.

Benefits of going sidemount…

  • Streamlined profile in the water
  • Better Trim in the water
  • Great for divers who want to use doubles but can’t physically carry manifold-ed tanks
  • Independent redundant air supply
  • Much easier to do valve drills, with tank valves where you can see them
  • Great for divers who want to extend their bottoms times and take advantage of Nitrox extended bottom times
  • Dive doubles anywhere in the world. All you need is two tanks.
Can be done with 1 tank or 2 (Must use 2 tanks for certification).
Tech workshop available to cover technical sidemount diving ( Carrying stages and/or deco bottles)
Included during the sidemount course is the Basic Skills workshop. Nitrox certification recommended for sidemount due to being able to take full advantage of extended NDL.
At least 4 Open water dives, and a confined water dive. Sidemount equipment available for rent for the course.