Public Safety Diver


Public Safety diving is a whole other world when compared to recreational sport diving. As such, special equipment and training is needed to conduct missions safely. Would you allow a probationary firefighter with only basic training on fire extinguishers, ride first due on an engine to a house fire? Would you allow that same probie to enter the house with the nozzle and expect him to be able to do his job safely? Remember it’s not about just getting the job done when everything goes right, it’s about knowing what to do when it all goes wrong.

There is a common misconception with the public when someone says they are a rescue diver. The PADI Rescue Diver course aside from being a great course for recreational sport divers does not qualify or certify a diver to be a Public Safety Diver. There is a huge difference. The Rescue Diver course even though it is a pre-req for the PSD course are not the same. Rescue Divers are highly trained sport divers and are trained to help their buddies  when something goes wrong on a fun dive. Public Safety Divers are very highly trained rescuers that work as part of a public safety agency (Fire, Police, EMS) and attempt to help the public when accidents happen.


Public Safety Diver


Rescue divers choose when they go diving.

Public safety divers don’t have that luxury.

Rescue divers use sport diving equipment.

Public Safety divers use special equipment meant to support a single tethered diver with surface support and back-up safety divers.

Rescue Divers plan fun and relaxing dives.

Public safety divers dive under incredibly stressful conditions and must overcome anxiety and adrenaline to perform their job safely and effectively.




The Public Safety Diver Course is an intensive course that meets and exceeds NFPA standards for Dive Rescue. The course spans over 4 days and covers topics from writing team SOGs to Public Safety diver emergencies. Classroom, land and open water training takes about 6-8 hours a day.¬† The PSD course is a group course. Minimum of 4 Divers and 4 tenders (surface support). The group must be affiliated with a public safety agency (Fire/police/EMS). Contact us for more information on the course and prerequisites or to schedule your agencies’ training.