Good Life Divers

At Good Life divers you won’t be rushed through certifications or pressured into buying anything you don’t want. We  provide quality scuba classes! We are here for you. We want you to be safe and highly trained, not just certified.

Started in 2011, Good Life Divers was created to bring personalized, fun and quality Scuba diving lessons and certification courses to Long Island and New York City.

When you choose to dive with Good Life Divers, you are choosing Scuba lessons customized to YOUR needs. We take into consideration the type of diving YOU want to do and tailor the classes towards your diving goals while still providing the training you need to dive safely anywhere in the world. All of our classes meet and exceed PADI training requirements.

Our Instructors:

Danny Rivera

Danny Jug Hole springs


Danny started his dive career as an Open Water Diver in 2004 as training towards becoming a Public Safety Diver for the Atlantic Steamer Fire Co in Oyster Bay, NY. Since then he has been diving and training all over the world. Accomplishing many of his own personal diving goals.

Danny has a tremendous amount of patience for teaching new divers. He will work his hardest to get you to the level of comfort and confidence that you need as a diver here in the Northeast and wherever your dive adventures take you.