What is there to see?

What is there to see? We get this question all the time at Good Life Divers. In fact, It’s the number one most frequently asked question (I have no supporting documentation to verify that claim). I presume most folks that ask that question have never dove on Long Island and […]

Seahorse 7


Where do I go from here? Part 3

PART 3: From chapter 3 of the PADI Open water diver manual you will start hearing and learning about speciality courses. From an equipment specific course like a drysuit or DPV course to skill specific course like a navigation course, you as a diver will be inundated with offers to […]

Where do I go from here? Part 2

PART 2 A special note about Drysuits… Get one. The sooner the better. We have a short season here in the Northeast, get yourself a drysuit if you haven’t done so already and dive as much as possible. Save up, sell somethings on ebay, the sooner you invest in a […]



Where do I go from here? Part 1

Nine out of ten times once I certify a diver, and it doesn’t matter if it’s an Open Water certification or Divemaster, I get asked the question, what’s next? Many divers feel this natural urge to continue their diving education, albeit some of it is driven by ego (i.e Card […]